Maxamillion (SINGLE) (2014)


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New single off Rude's upcoming ep: Necronomichron.

Produced by: Evan Ferris (Rudius Max)
Engineered, Mixed, Mastered by: Shadow Devereaux
©RezErected Records


Maxamillion lyrics:

Real Underground Dope Entertainment
Maxi-Million, fuck a billion payments
Real Underground Dope Entertainment
Maxwell i'm in hell, your under pavement
Real Underground Dope Entertainment
Maxi-Million, fuck a billion faces
Real Underground Dope Entertainment
Maxwell i'm in hell, you can't erase it

(Verse One)
i'm the motherfucking anti christ of rapper dudes
i'll tell a story with my words, i ain't acting dude
but not with this song, i'm too gone, i'm out bitch
i'm overlooking every person i would slouch with
i'm tight pouches, ouch you're fucking killing em
that's what they say, and i feel like Attila the Hun
about to stun, gun and find a place for the killers to run
i'm iller than pun, i'm filling up with militant fun
and shun, me away from every village
i'm a viking on the track, the beat, i'll fucking pillage
i'm the killer of good dreams i'm stabbing em all
and laughing cackling with magic while i'm casting it off
you fucking faggots are soft, theres no hate
wait, yeah there is, i'm the mother fucking great-est
Post Poseidon, I am now the Lich king
fuck your world, i am warcraft of everything


(Verse Two)
i'm an animal, i will eat you like a cannibal
carnage to carthage like it's hannibal
pass the blunt around, i got the heavy flow
mad flavor, blasting off like a cannonball
look at me i'm rolling harder than some adrenal
addicts up in the attic getting high on cans of aerosol
trippin' balls, i'm on walls like pictured eyes
to my surprise my demise helped me win the prize
name your price, doubled it, then i'll name mine
i'm fucking fine, mother fucker you are outta line
to think i'm not nice, i got a finer bitch then your wife
the single life's better, so theres no fights
yeah, i'm on to something with this new song
switched it up a little, bout to show you i am too strong
Post American, I am now apocalypse
fuck your world, i am everything the prophets said



released January 17, 2014
©RezErected Records



all rights reserved


RUDE MAX Missoula, montana

Rude Max is an alternative hiphop Emcee and Producer from Missoula, MT.

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